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The Work of Billy Estes Construction

Quality Craftsmanship and Turnkey installations available.
Billy Estes Construction will build the concrete pad, fences, drainage system and/or optional roofing systems anywhere in the United States.
Bluegrass Truss Round Roof at Mill Ridge Farm, Lexington, KY
Mill Ridge Farm, Lexington, KY
Bluegrass Truss Round Roof
Billy Estes Construction Half Roof at Carolina Cup Racing, Camden, SC
Carolina Cup Racing Association, Camden, SC
Half Roof and Steel Framed Gate
Billy Estes Construction Steel Framed Gate for Horse Exerciser
Optional Steel Framed Outer Gate
Billy Estes Construction wood framed gate
Standard Treated Wood Outer Gate
Underside of Half Roof structure with Horse Exerciser gate and finished surface
Inside the Half Roof training area
Billy Estes Construction small inside fence wooden gate
Standard inside fence gate going into center

Standard Installation

The 6’x 6’ concrete pad for the base of the machine has anchor bolts and a ground rod for the electric fence system. Conduit from the center of the pad to the outside of the outside fence for the control box. Fences are built on site using 6”x 6” treated posts set in concrete for the outside fence and 4”x 4” treated posts set in concrete for the inside fence. 9 gauge chain link is used for the top 2’ of the fences with trim boards on the inside for a smooth finish. The standard vertical 2”x 6” treated boards have an airspace between each one. All the boards are securely attached to the posts with screws, no nails are used. A French Drain system is installed for drainage in the exercising area using a woven geo cloth on the graded pad, then a layer of 6” to 8”of compacted rock on the geo cloth with a layer of felt geo cloth on top of the rock. The final training surface is placed on top of the felt geo cloth providing an all weather surface for your horses. Optional Stable Grid can be installed to keep your surface from trenching out over time, see the Stable Grid page.
Billy Estes Construction center of Horse Exerciser area
Optional rock layered onto plastic sheeting to keep the inside of the exerciser clean and weed free.
Billy Estes Construction outside fence with banking boards
Strong outside banking boards to hold the training surface banking in place.
Billy Estes Construction inside of training area with Stable Grid down
Using Stable Grid under the exercising surface will keep the training surface from trenching into the French drain area.

Inside the training area is built to be smooth assuring that the horses will exercise safely. The vertical boards allow for good airflow and the banking boards will hold your training surface in place.

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Billy Estes Construction inside of outside fence finished side wall
Billy Estes Construction finished training area with machine gate

Chain Link Fence Design

Billy Estes Construction Chain Link Fence at Pennbrook Farm, Lexington, KY
Billy Estes Construction chain link fence outer gate
Billy Estes Construction Chain Link Fence inner gate
Billy Estes Construction Chain Link Fence with horse exercising
Optional 6’ tall Chain Link fence design can be substituted for the wood and wire fence design above. A combination of both fence designs can also be used. This Chain Link fence design uses both 2”x 6” and 5-1/4” treated boards placed horizontally around both the inside and outside fences for kick boards, it also serves to keep the chain link solidly in place. All the wood is screwed together, not nailed. The post sizes are the same as for the wood and wire fence design.

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