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EquiGym Portable Fences full view with Horse Exerciser
EquiGym manufactures portable fence panels that can be used for many applications such as Horse Exerciser fencing, round corrals, paddocks, etc. We manufacture the panels to have air spaces between the vertical boards and solid banking boards at the bottom to hold your surface and banking in.
EquiGym Portable Fences outside gate with banking boards
The banking boards are also placed at the bottom of the entrance gate area. This is to assure that the training area’s surface banking stays constant through out the entire circumference of the outside fence.
EquiGym Portable Fences with outer gate open and surface ramp
The horse will step over the banking boards going into the pen. The outside surface is tapered to the top of the banking boards, as shown in the photo above.
EquiGym Portable Fences greasable hinge for both gates
Both the outer full gate and the inner half gate have greasable hinges so they will always operate with ease and without creaking
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EquiGym Portable Fences panel connection pin
Each panel is tightly put together with three solid steel pins as shown above.
EquiGym Portable Fences steel framed inside fence gate
The small gate for the inside fence is also steel framed.
EquiGym Portable Fences banking boards on panels EquiGym Portable Fences with base of Horse Exerciser inside
Each fence panel is built from 1/8” channel for all the horizontal steel, except the top piece. The top piece and all the vertical steel is made from 1/8” square tubing. The boards are put into the channels from the middle of the panel and slid to either side so that if a board gets broken, it is easily replaced. The wood is 2”x 6” treated lumber and each piece is also screwed into the channel so it will stay in place, keeping the air spaces even. There are no sharp edges, each panel is 7’ tall and all the panels are equal in width. The pin for the bottom of each panel is extra long and has to be driven into the ground, this is to keep the panels solidly in place.

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