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EquiGym High Speed Treadmills

EquiGym produces a High Speed Treadmill which is surpassed by no one. These powerful machines allow for all weather training, from a 10 degree hill climb to full racing speed, on a surface that is consistent and forgiving. EquiGym High Speed Treadmills are known for their durability, stability, ease of use, speed, degree of incline, and monitoring capabilities.
EquiGym High Speed Treadmill at Ruffian Equine Medical Center, Elmont, NY . Viewed from the rear

EquiGym Horse Exercisers and Overhead Horse Exercisers

This very useful machine has become the most popular conditioning and labor saving tool for horsemen since the development of the hot walker. In fact, the EquiGym Horse Exercisers have replaced old style hot walkers, slow, walk/trot treadmills, and the need for hand walking or ponying.
Overhead Horse Exerciser at Siena Farm in Paris Kentucky. Outside view of building

EquiGym Equine Scales and Portable Scales

Weighing horses daily, when in training, is as important as exercising them. How fast a horse recovers his weight after strenuous exercise or work will tell the trainer how effective their training and nutritional programs are in developing their horse's ability to reach their peak performance potential.
Horse walking across a Plaway Portable Scale on pavement.

EquiGym Stocks and Portable Stocks

Equine stocks are a safe and convenient way to contain a horse while therapy is administered, wounds are treated, IV's are administered, mares are palpated, whirlpools are used, etc.
EquiGym Portable Equine Stocks with side open

EquiGym Wheelbarrows

EquiGym manufactures a large capacity wheelbarrow that is specifically designed for use in horse barns.
EquiGym Muck Cart standing in field

Aerohorse Plastic Stall Gates

EquiGym distributes the Aerohorse Plastic Stall Gates. They are safe, attractive, durable, lightweight, with a lifetime warrantee.
Aerohorse Plastic Stall Gate hanging on inside of stall.

Roof Structures

Custom made full and half roof structures can cover just about anything.
EquiGym Half Roof structure at Hall Thoroughbreds, Burlington, KY.

Sub Surface Grid

Sub Surface Grid is an interlocking soil stabilizing drainage block that will alleviate mud holes or soil trenching effects in areas of high traffic.
Sub Surface Grid in round corral at EquiGym Farm, Lexington, KY

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