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Semi-Permanent Installation Scales OR Portable and Light Weight Scales
Both styles of scales are manufactured by Certified Scale Companies
EquiGym Scale in barn with horse standing on it
Simi-permanent Location Scale

This ultra low profile, electronic, and certified Equine Scale manufactured by Flex Weigh, requires 110-Volt power, and a solid, level surface.

It has a proven four load cell design with steel ball and cup suspension, the side rails are live also. Wherever the horse stands on the platform, the scale will read the weight consistently accurate.

It weighs approximately 600 pounds and is 4 inches tall at the sides and 1 inch tall in the center and has self contained ramps, horses usually won't notice the scale as they walk onto it.

The overall length is 90" and width is 43", four people can pick it up and move it.

The Scale comes in three pieces: the lower frame, the center platform and the electric wall mounted digital read out.

EquiGym Scale wall mount control box
EquiGym Scale closeup photo

Portable and Light Weight Scales Equiscales from Palway

Palway Twin Platform Portable Scale with horse walking across

Palway Twin Platform Portable Scale with horse standing on it
Twin Platform Scale

Palway Single Platform Portable Scale with large horse standing on it
Single Platform Scale

Palway Single Platform Portable Scale with side panel and horse
Optional Side Panel or Panels

EquiGym is now the proud distributor of these light weight, portable scales manufactured by Palway Limited, a certified scale company that has been solving weighing problems for industry and commerce for more than 20 years.

Palway Twin Platform Portable Scale with horse standing on it

The twin Double Platform design makes it simple for one person to transport and set up the scales so they can be used anywhere, each platform is only 56 lbs, slotted together without need for any tools they combine to make a strong and secure base.
Use the scales to:
  • Monitor weight gain/loss to establish correct feed regime
  • Establish most efficient racing weight
  • Monitor competition and travel stress and recovery rate
  • Establish accurate dosage for worming , anesthetic, tetanus, or vaccine
  • Ensure foal growth rate is controlled
Options available:
  • Hand held battery powered indicator
  • One or two side panel guides
  • Computer interface
Save time and effort:
  • Hand held battery powered indicator or wall mounted mains powered to suit you best
  • Simple design means ease of use
  • Weight hold feature designed to capture live moving weight
  • Weigh feed and tack loaded onto horsebox, plan and avoid overloading for shipping
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
Palway Portable Scale hand held indicator
Hand Held, Battery Powered Indicator
The high quality durable scale is designed to be the lightest weight and lowest profile scale available making it easier for you to set up and use and less stressful for your horses.
There is a range of weighing indicators suitable for use with the scales, including battery powered, hand held and display hold models, when the average weight rather than live (fluctuating) weight is shown.
Manufactured from aluminum for lightness and strength the scales are covered with hard wearing non slip rubber matting. The Single Platform weighs in at only 111 lbs with low 2.6 inch profile and sloping leading edge so no need for access ramps meaning it is very easily moved and set up.

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