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Sub-Surface Grid

Horses having fun rolling in a sandy area
Oh! the joys of a nice, flat, sandy place to roll.
Sub-Surface Grid being installed into round corral with French Drain underneath
French Drain System being installed into a Round Corral.
A woven Geo Textile is placed on the graded surface, followed by 8 inches of compacted #57 rock, then a layer of felt Geo Textile (showing in photo) then the Sub-Surface Grid interlocking on top.
The training surface, in this case Mortar Sand, is put into the grid and another 6 to 8 inches on top of the grid becoming an awesome training (and rolling) surface for the horses. This surface configuration will not be dug up by horses, nor trench out and always drain well.
Finished surface in a round corral after Sub-Surface Grid was installed
The finished Round Corral
Grid piece
Product Details

Dimensions of a single panel:  2’ X 2’ square. One layer on a pallet is 4’ x 4’. There is 16 square feet in a layer.

Material: recycled polyethylene, tough and flexible joints that interlock.

Color: Black

Cross Connectors for optimum load-bearing capabilities.

Stabilizes footing and controls mud.

Sub-Surface Grid cut around post in Horse Exerciser
Sub-Surface Grid is easily cut
around edges
Dumping sand onto Sub-Surface Grid in a run-in-shed
Dumping sand onto the grid in a run-in shed
Sub-Surface Grid in Horse Exerciser's training area
Sub-Surface Grid is easily installed into any shaped areas. It is cut to size using a regular circular saw.
The grid shown I this photo is interlocked on top of the felt Geo Textile with #57 rock compacted underneath and a woven Geo Textile on the graded surface. Same configuration as the Round Corral photos above.
Top surface on Stable Grin in Horse Exerciser training area
This is the finished Horse Exerciser with an excellent and stable
drainage system installed. Notice that the Mortar Sand is banked on the outside fence. The banking is very important because it will allow the horses limbs to land level while they are traveling at speeds in a circle.

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