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High Speed Treadmill Specifications

Dimensions American Metric
Length 18 feet and 6 inches 5.6388 meters
Width 6 feet 1.8288 meters
Height to Tread 32 inches 0.8128 meter
Pit Dimensions, see pit plans 11 feet wide 3.3528 meters wide
21 feet long 6.4008 meters long
Weight App. 9,500 lbs. 4310.0 kilograms
Minimum Room Height 10 feet 3.048 meters
Maximum weight treadmill holds Over 2,200 lbs. Over 1,000 kg
Usable Treadmill Data American Metric
Usable tread length Just over 16 feet 4.89204 meters
Usable tread width 4 feet 1.2192 meters
Speed Infinitely Variable American Metric
Type 22 kW, Minimum, 1000 kg 3 Miles per hour 1.34112 meters/second
Type 22 kW, Maximum, 1000 kg 60 Miles per hour 26.8224 meters/second
Inclination infinitely variable 0 to 9.98 degrees 17 percent
Permanent load factor 0 to 2,200 lbs 0 to 1,000 kilogram
Internal Energy Sources of Treadmill Description Energy
Main Drive, Mitsubishi 40 Hp, VFD 230/460 V, 50 or 60 Hz
Gear Motor, Nord Constant Torque 30 Hp 230/460 V, 50 or 60 Hz
Inclination Drive, Parker Hydraulic, 3 Hp on demand 230/460 V, 50 or 60 Hz
Internal Control Voltage 230/460 V, 50 or 60 Hz Can be adjusted
Control 24 VDC and 115 VAC Can be adjusted
Electronic 24 VDC and 115 VAC Can be adjusted
Technical Information
  • Total Weight - 9,500 pounds
  • Total Size - 18’ 6” Long by 6’ Wide
  • Total Height - 6 feet without elevating
  • Material - Structural Steel
  • Gearmotor - Nord, 30 Hp., 3 phase motor
  • Drive - Mitsubishi 40 Hp. Inverter
  • Power Supply- 230/460, three phase, single phase or International power supply models available.
  • Speeds - 0 to 60 Mph
  • Elevation - 0 to 10 degree incline in 20 seconds.
  • Water Misting System for the top of the belt.
  • Lube - Silicone
  • Installation - concrete pit or above ground
  • Display- Touch Screen Monitor and optional LCD large screen display
  • Computer - Dell with keyboard, mouse and windows software.
  • Data Acquisition - Both analog and digital input and outputs.
  • Heart Rate Monitor - Polar, including custom treadmill surcingle.
  • Warrantee - 1 year on all parts.
 EquiGym High Speed Treadmil large LCD display readout for speed, distance, slope, heart rate and video

 EquiGym High Speed Treadmil control cart with touch screen display and control box for the treadmill
 EquiGym High Speed Treadmil gearmotor and hydraulic pump in pit

What is EquiGym Doing Different ?

EquiGym has installed a Water Misting System for the top of the belt in order to keep the horses feet cool from friction. The misting also keeps the top of the belt clean, thereby increasing its life extensively.

The Belt slides across an anti-heat, anti-friction plate with six custom made shock absorbers under the plate to stop the “slap-back” effect after the impact of each hoof.

EquiGym’s high speed treadmills do not have as much concussion as a horse travelling at racing speed on the track with a rider on board, therefore, they are an excellent re-hab tool as you can control how much concussion the horse gets by adding weight to their backs.

The Pulleys are structurally engineered and both dynamically and statically balanced to minimize vibration.

There is a battery operated, self lubricating system installed on each pillow block that hold the pulleys.

The Main Control Box is mounted on a wall near the motor and has a PLC keypad and a VFD Keypad that monitors the running status and efficiency of the machine. We can remotely adjust the VFD from our office in Lexington, KY, if needed.

Replacing the Belt has been made easy removing the four covers for the pillow blocks, collapsing the front pulley towards the back of the machine, from the top, then sliding the belt off toward the right side of the machine.

Adjusting the Belt done easily from the top of the machine, no need to climb underneath the treadmill anymore.

EquiGym will provide concrete pit designs for those interested in placing the traveling surface at ground level. We are also available for free consultation and have recommendations for building functional treadmill rooms.
 EquiGym High Speed Treadmill self luber on pillow block  EquiGym High Speed Treadmill water misting onto top of belt
 EquiGym High Speed Treadmill main control box and disconnect on the wall
 EquiGym High Speed Treadmill 3D pit drawing

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