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EquiGym single green Muck Cart
EquiGym has made the task of mucking stalls into a “single dump per stall” job
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EquiGym Muck Cart frame only
The canvas liners come in a variety of colors; Blue, Green, Red, Black, Yellow, and Grey. The liners will survive a number of years of heavy use, laced in place with an all weather cord.
Three EquiGym Wheel Barrows standing upright in field Three EquiGym Muck Carts standing upright, rear view
The Wheelbarrow is well balanced, lightweight, and easy to handle. It is capable of carrying up to 350 pounds of muck or whatever, yet it still is easy to tip and dump. The design of the wheelbarrow works well with either straw or shavings. These wheelbarrows also work very well as lawn and garden carts and will store neatly against a wall

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