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The History of the Company

As EquiGym's founder, I have trained and raced Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses, and Appaloosas, in California, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Montana and Idaho since 1973.  The “cutting edge” study and practice of Equine Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Equine Behavior has always been in the forefront of my training programs

Joining the AESM (Association for Equine Sports Medicine) during its inception in 1982, combined with pioneering the practice of alternative methods for conditioning racing horses, has made me aware of the need for longer, more controlled training sessions than the race tracks could offer.  This brought the realization that in order to effectively train my equine athletes; I would need to be able to “train-to-the-races” from the relaxed environment of a farm

Having determined that the use of a high speed treadmill could greatly aid race training from the farm, helped me make the decision to purchase my first treadmill in 1989.  As a tool, the treadmill would safely condition and strengthen my equine athletes on an all weather surface that would stay consistent, controllable, and available 24/7.  This also makes it possible to accurately collect repeatable data with which to analyze the effectiveness of my conditioning programs in addition to being able to collect inherited physiological data from young racing prospects, prior to training, in order to make better business decisions as to their futures

After utilizing a High Speed Treadmill for several years and putting these theories into practice, I performed a five year retrospective study of my training program.  This study showed a 94 percent success rate of getting young  horses to the races fit, sound, and racing to100 percent of their capabilities, while the national average for trainers was and still is around 37 percent

Pioneering by trial and error for several decades, I experienced and published both the advantages and disadvantages of using High Speed Treadmills.  Unfortunately, the only available high speed treadmills were manufactured by companies whose personnel had never trained racing horses themselves, therefore never realizing what was required of the equipment that they produced

Through all this, the realization that good quality equipment designed for safety, speed, reliability, stability and ease of maintenance was essential for its successful use as a training tool.  Consequently, my company has been designing and manufacturing horse exercising equipment for the past 16 years, proving our own designs while training select horses.  Our first commercial High Speed Treadmills were manufactured under the name of Stratton Equine Enterprises, Inc. and hit the market in 1994.  In February 2001 we became EquiGym Products, LLC, and in February 2005 my company evolved into EquiGym, LLC

EquiGym, LLC has expanded the equipment manufacturing capabilities to a new generation of quality and technologically advanced exercising machines and horse farm equipment as shown in this website.  We pride ourselves on being able to design and implement new ideas for specific needs.  Our latest innovations includes an Over Head Horse Exerciser attached to the underside of our own designed and engineered steel roof structure that will leave the center open for a usable round corral

EquiGym, LLC has a new project for 2010, and that is we are opening a Equine Performance Testing Laboratory at our farm in Lexington, KY.  The Laboratory will include all the latest in sports testing equipment, including our High Speed Treadmill, V02 analyzer, NIRS, Cardiography, Thermography, Hypoxic Training, Gait Analysis, Lactate Analysis and much more.  We will be updating our website as we progress in our endeavors

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